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Toby Rossman
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Toby Rossman
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Wednesday November 19th

(3rd Wed)

Less than  you wanted to know: Statistical insignificance

Arthur Nadas, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. of Environmental Medicine, NYU-Langone School of Medicine, Tuxedo, NY



Winter Break is December through March.  Please send suggestions for speakers for 2015.  This can include yourself!

Wednesday April 22 2015


Rolande Hodel, Ph.D.

President & Founder, AIDSfreeAFRICA



Wednesday May 27th 2015

Solar to fuel

Michael Machczynski, Ph.D.,

Asst. Prof. Chemistry, SUNY New Paltz



Wednesday June 24th 2015

Good Dogs, Bad Genes

Toby Rossman, Ph.D.

Prof. of Environmental Medicine, NYU-Langone School of Medicne



Wednesday September 16th

(3rd Wednesday)

Predatory Bacteria

Megan A. Ferguson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry,  SUNY New Paltz




Recent speakers   

Wednesday October 22

Epigenetics - how your grandmother's diet may have changed your life

Haley Clancy, Ph.D.


Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Life Science, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY



Tuesday September 23

Pollen and Macrofossil History from the Hudson Marshes and the Recent Increase in Invasive Species

Dorothy Peteet


Senior Research Scientist, NASA/GISS & Adj. Senior Research Scientist & Adj. Professor, Columbia Univ., Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades




Wednesday August 27

Through the looking glass: Frontiers in Live Cell Imaging

Timothy Pratt Ph.D. Senior Application Support Specialist, Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC, Thornwood NY.



Wednesday July 23

Update on Health Effects of First Responders at World Trade Center site

Mitchell Cohen, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor, The Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine, NYU-Langone School of Medicine



Wednesday June 25

The Value of Trees:  Emerging Perspectives on Benefits for Energy, Water, Health and Community Development

Simon Gruber, Fellow, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities



Wednesday May 28 2014

Cataracts: classifications, treatment options and determining the right time to treat

Michael Bywater, O.D.


Practicing Optometrist 




Wednesday April 23 2014

Current Environmental and Medical Hazards from Fracking to Hip Replacements

Max Costa, Ph.D.


Director, The Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine, NYU-Langone School of Medicine



Tuesday March 25 2014

Land Development and Lyme Disease: A Challenge for Environmental Policy and Public Health

Irwin Sperber, Ph.D.

Assoc. Professor, Sociology Department, SUNY New Paltz 


November 20 2013

Potential Health Impacts of Natural Gas Development

Larysa Dyrszka, MD

Pediatrician, Sullivan Community College Board of Trustees member, participant in various U.N. committees and founding member of Concerned Health Professionals of New York



Wednesday October 23 2013

The Earth’s past climate

Gilbert Brenner, Ph.D.

Retired Professor of Paleontology and Geology, SUNY New Paltz


During the last 4.6 billion years the Earth has had wild swings in climate from warm to very cold. In many areas, the Earth itself has kept a detailed log, albeit in a language that must first be deciphered. Geologists (Earth Historians) use the term 'proxy' to describe a way that climate change is recorded in nature, within geological materials such as ocean or lake sediments, tree-rings, coral growth-bands, ice-cores, and cave deposits. Lets take a look at some of the evidence and see what our planet has endured.



Wednesday September 25 2013

Comet coming in November

Edwin Forrest

Astronomy Delight, an innovative educational program.



Wednesday August 28 2013

CSI in Westchester  

Robert Adamo, M.S- D-ABC

Director- Division of Forensic Science, Westchester County



Wednesday July 31 2013

Life is too short to drink cheap beer: the Chemistry of Brewing Beer

Jack Chastain

Unix System Engineer at Verizon


May 22 2013

CSI in Westchester

Robert Adamo 

MS, D-ABC, Director- Division of Forensic Science, Westchester County


April 24 2013

Epigenetic effects of environmental estrogens

Catherine Klein

Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, Tuxedo, NY



December 19th 2012

Chagas', the disease that killed Darwin

John McLaughlin

Ph.D. Research Entomologist, Agricultural Research Service, USDA (retired)



November 28 2012

Ascent of Cosmology - from myth to method

Stan Schmidt MS, Applied numerical analyst, IBM (retired)



October 24, 2012 

Sturgeon in the Hudson: Biology, Management, and Vulnerability to Coastal Harvests of Hudson River Atlantic Sturgeon

Isaac Wirgin 

Ph.D., Assoc. Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU-Langone School of Medicine




August 22 2012

Yoga and Medicine: How Yoga can treat back pain and other common problems

Dr. Loren Fishman, Medical director, Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, teacher at Columbia Medical School, author, lecturer and lifelong yoga practitioner.



July 25 2012

Environmental Influences on Pulmonary Hypertension

Gabriele Grunig, D.V.M., Ph.D, Associate Professor of Medicine and Environmental Medicine, NYU-Langone School of Medicine.


June 27 2012

The Ecology of the Hudson River

David Strayer, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY, author of “The Hudson Primer:The Ecology of an Iconic River”.



May 23 2012

An Inconvenient Conversation: Psychologies of Climate Action

Melissa Everett, Ph.D. Executive Director Sustainable Hudson Valley



April 25 2012

Your genes and your health: insights from the Human Genome Project about risk of disease

Toby G Rossman, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU Langone School of Medicine



March 28 2012

Puzzles of Speech Perception

Navin Viswanathan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology & Program in Linguistics


December 21st 2011

Understanding the Underemployment Problem: Why Having a Job Isn't Enough

Douglas C. Maynard, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, SUNY New Paltz


November 16th 2011

Arsenic and human health

Toby G. Rossman, Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU Langone School of Medicine (Co-sponsored by The Mid Hudson section of the American Chemical Society)


October 26th 2011

Did the exotic Tobacco plant seduce civilization?

Assieh Melikian, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU Langone School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Pace University.


September 28th 2011

Biosensor Based Detection Paradigm: Novel Assays for Clinical, Environmental, Forensics, Nano-engineering and in-vivo Neuro-psycho-pharmacology

David N. Rahni Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Pace University, and President, Chemical Detectives, LLC


August 24 2011

String Theory: A Theory of Everything? Or a Theory of Nothing?

David L. Morgan, Assistant Professor of Physics, Eugene Lang College, The New School


July 27 2011

Designing and implementing an emerging pharmaceutical infrastructure in Africa

Rolande R. Hodel, Ph.D., President & Founder, AIDSfreeAFRICA


June 22nd 2011

Fireworks – fun and risk factors

Terry Gordon, Ph.D., Professor, NYU Langone School of Medicine


May 25th 2011

Cancer preventive effects of celebrex and the possible risk of cardiovascular side effects

Bhagavathi Naryananan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU Langone School of Medicine


April 27th 2011

Pharmacologic and clinical advances in addiction medicine

Peter Rostenberg, M.D., in clinical practice (internal medicine) with a specialty in addiction medicine.


March 23rd 2011

The American crow: not your average songbird

Douglas Robinson, Ph.D.

Dr. Robinson is a behavioral ecologist interested in avian breeding biology and the evolution of social behavior.  He teaches at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY, and is preparing for an investigation that will compare the breeding biology of American Crows, Fish Crows, and Common Ravens in the mid-Hudson River valley.


December 15th 2010

The story of Remicade®: How a biologic drug against rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease advanced from modest beginnings to unforeseen therapeutic successes

Jan Vilcek, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Microbiology, NYU Langone School of Medicine


November 17th 2010

Mapping the Floor of the Hudson River Estuary - Using sonar to map fish habitat and investigate contaminant transport in the Estuary

John W. Ladd, Ph.D., Benthic Mapping Coordinator, Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve, Hudson River Estuary Program, NYS Dept Environmental Conservation, Ossining, NY


October 27th 2010

How Evolution happens: Lessons from Molecular Biology

Toby Rossman, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU Langone School of Medicine


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hurricanes and Climate

Timothy Hall, Senior Scientist, NASA Goddard Institute Space Studies, New York City


Wednesday October 27 2010

How Evolution happens: Lessons from Molecular Biology

Toby Rossman, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU Langone School of Medicine


Wednesday August 25, 2010

What’s eating you?  People and Parasites

Eugene Kaplan, Ph.D, Axinn Distinguished Professor of Conservation and Ecology, Hofstra University


Wednesday July 28, 2010

Environmental endocrine disruptors: How we identify them, and what they mean to people

Errol Zeiger, Ph.D., LL.D., an independent consultant who formerly worked for FDA, and then NIEHS (NIH) from 1976 – 2000, where he developed and directed the genetic toxicology development and testing program in the National Toxicology Program.


Wednesday June 23, 2010

The Geology of the Hudson River Valley and the art it inspired

Gilbert Brenner, Ph.D., Retired Professor of Paleontology and Geology, SUNY New Platz


Monday May 26, 2010

Why the recession, and where we are going: Job growth in America

Gordon Rauer, M.A., businessman and former teacher of Economics (Syracuse University adjunct).


Wednesday April 28, 2010

Risks to New York Water Supplies from Natural Gas "Fracking"

Stephen Penningroth, Ph.D. Executive Director, Community Science Institute, Ithaca


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diabetes: Don’t be part of the epidemic (and if you are already, good self-care is the key)

Emily Evina-Ze, Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator, Hudson Valley Healthcare System (VA initiative to bring care closer to veterans)


December 16, 2009

The electronic tongue and Screening for Bitterness inhibition

Glenn Roy, Ph.D. Pepsico Global R&D, Valhalla, NY


November 18, 2009 

From Your Desktop to the World: Geobrowsers, Virtual Globes and Online Map Services

John Mickelson, M.S., Geospatial and Ecological Services, Monroe, NY


October 28, 2009 

Song culture and song learning in songbirds”

Ofer Tchernichovski, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, City University of New York; PLUS  Music by David Rothenberg (author of “Why Birds Sing”) and friends.

David Rothenberg is professor of philosophy and music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and author of Why Birds Sing (Basic Books, 2005).  He was the editor of the MIT Press journal Terra Nova: Nature and Culture. David Rothenberg is also a composer and jazz clarinetist, and he has six CDs out under his own name, one of which was named one of the top ten releases of 1995 by Jazziz magazine.  

Timothy Hill is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist, in jazz, folk, and world music. He has produced three CDs of his music and appears on eight recordings by David Hykes and The Harmonic Choir, and as a guest vocalist on other recordings. Hill performs his music frequently, and has appeared at Sin-e, Fez, Mercury Lounge, The Living Room, and Joe's Pub, alongside artists such as Jeff Buckley, Susan McKeown, Martha Wainwright, and Teddy Thompson.


September 23 7.00 PM

Arsenic biogeocycles: The biology of environmental arsenic

Barry Rosen, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Basic Research and Graduate Programs, Florida International University Medical School (formerly, Chair of Biochemistry, Wayne State)


August 26 7.00 PM

Darwin: A man of controversy

Dr. Iris Turkenkopf, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Biology, Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh


July 22 7.00 PM

Can Nuclear Power be Safe and Green

John McLaughlin, Ph.D., formerly a researcher at Agricultural Research Service of USDA, and at a small firm. Past President and now Treasurer, Beacon Sloop Club.


June 24, 2009 7.30 PM

Risk Assessment: The Rationalization of Fortune Telling

David Eberle, MD, Public Health Physician, consultant and author.


May 27 7.30 PM

Computer memories - present state and future

Janusz Nowak, Ph.D., Physical Science Department, T. J. Watson Research Center , IBM, Yorktown Heights , NY


April 22 7.30 PM

Fine particle components in outdoor air: Exposures and health effects

Morton Lippmann, Ph.D., Professor, Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine, NYU Langone School of Medicine, Tuxedo, NY


March 25 7.30 PM

Junk Science in a Democratic Society:  Why Environmental NGOs Give a Free Pass to Bogus Research on Global Warming.

Presenter: Irwin Sperber, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, Sociology Department, SUNY New Platz


Wednesday December 17

Pharmacogenomics and the future of drug discovery

Ronald Snyder, Ph.D. Schering Plough Research Institute, Lafayette, NJ


Wednesday November 19

The astronomic search for the origins of life on Mars

Robert Novak, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Physics Department, Iona College, New Rochelle, NY


Wednesday October 29

Why people believe in pseudoscientific and paranormal claims

Terrance Hines, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Pace University, Adjunct Professor of Neurology, New York Medical College, and author of Pseudoscience and the Paranormal


Wednesday September 17

Inflammation and the downfall of Vioxx

Teresa Garrett, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Vassar College


Wednesday August 27 2008

Turning genes off and on

Catherine Klein, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, Tuxedo, NY


Tuesday June 24

From Sherlock Holmes to CSI: chemistry as a forensic science.

A joint presentation of the Hudson Valley Science Cafe and the Mid-Hudson Chapter of the American Chemical Society

James T. Spencer Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Syracuse University


Tuesday May 27

Don't put all your shrimp eggs in one basket - estuarine shrimp and their importance in the food chain and their use as biomonitors

Kathleen Nolan, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biology, St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, NY


Tuesday April 22

A glance at the future without anthropogenic global warming

Juerg Michael Matter, Ph.D.,  Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory,  Palisades, NY


Tuesday March 25

Human Evolution 

Ximena Valderrama, Ph.D.,  Asst. Professor of Biology, Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ


Tuesday February 26

What's so special about nano? An introduction to nanoscience  

Janet M. Petroski, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Mount Saint Mary College , Newburgh, NY


Tuesday January 22 2008

Detecting the causes of human cancers

Toby G. Rossman, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU School of Medicine


Tuesday December 18

The Criminalization of Mental Illness - Coping and Reversing

Zebulon Taintor M.D., Professor, NYU School of Medicine and the Nathan S. Kline Institute


Tuesday November 27

Ecological Damage by Contaminants in the Hudson River  

Ike Wirgin, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU School of Medicine


Tuesday October 23

Gross Science, Silly Science, Useless Science, Useful Science: Vignettes from Scientific Research  

Andi Weiss Bartczak, Ph.D., Science Consultant and Educator, Gardiner, NY


Tuesday September 25

How our diet prevents mutations from environmental agents

David DeMarini, Ph.D., Genetic Toxicology Division, US Environmental Protection Agency


Tuesday August 28

Detecting the causes of human cancers

Toby G. Rossman, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU School of Medicine


Tuesday July 24

Midlife Regret: The Cruelest Emotion

Lawrence Force, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, and Paul Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology,  Mount St. Mary College


Tuesday June 26

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

William Makofske, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Physics and Environmental Sciences, Ramapo College


Tuesday May 22

Inherent  Gender Differences in Science/Math Abilities: A Critical Analysis

Alison Nash, Ph.D., Professor and  Giordana Grossi, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Dept. Psychology, SUNY New Platz 


Tuesday April 24 2007

Characteristics and Health Effects of the World Trade Center Dust

George Thurston, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Environmental  Medicine, NYU School of Medicine