Dorchester Cafe Sci has closed (June 2015), as the organiser has decided to focus on the town's Community Lecture series.


We hope there will be a new cafe in Dorchester in the future; if you would like to help, please email the main cafe sci account (above) and I will pass on the information.

Cafe Scientifique
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Recent speakers   

Thursday April 30th 2015

Cutting-edge palaeontology: hunting dinosaurs in the twenty-first century

Phillip Manning

A discussion with  Professor Phil Manning from the University of Manchester about how they locate, excavate and study the fossil   remains of extinct organisms, from diatoms to dinosaurs.



Thursday March 19th 2015

Is foraging ecologically sustainable?

John Wright 


Wednesday February 4th 2015

The inner world of Dr Who

Iain MacRury

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Media and Communications, Bournemouth University


Friday November 21st 2014

Fracked or Fiction?

Sam Almond

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Durham  



Wednesday October 22nd 2014

Lyme disease - delving into dependent relationships

Stella Huyshe-Shires

Chairman, Lyme Disease Action



Tuesday October 2nd 2014

Can we ever have litter-free beaches?

Matilda Bark

Dorset Coast Forum's Litter-Free Coast and Sea Co-ordinator



Thursday May 1st 2014

Fossils for sale: palaeontology in the age of commodity


Martin Munt, Natural History Museum



Friday March 14th 2014

The role of collections and museums in the modern (especially online) world

Erica McAlister

Natural History Museum  




Thursday January 30th 2014

Prosthetic limbs and the role of technology in elite sport

Bryce Dyer

Bournemouth University 

Friday November 22nd  2013

Drugs on trial: the process from lab to patient

Mike Youle  


Wednesday October 23rd 2013

Rainbarrow Farm anaerobic digester – the first biomethane-to-grid plant in the UK

Peter James

Poundbury Construction Manager 


Thursday October 3rd  2013

The Wytch Farm Oilfield


Suzie Baverstock, Perenco


Thursday May 2nd 2013

The birth of our solar system

Sara Russell


Natural History Museum



Friday March 22nd 2013

Is there anybody out there? The search for extra-terrestrial life

Arnold Wolfendale FRS, former Astronomer Royal



Wednesday January 30th 2013

Good, bad and indifferent science

Alexander Scott, Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science


The lessons learned from Ben Goldacre's book Bad Science and John Ioannidis's paper Why most published research findings are false go a long way to explaining the bizarre finding that snails use exactly the same sex hormones as humans (which, if true, would be of massive importance and attract millions in research funding to the field of endocrine disruption).



Friday November 23rd 2012

Extinction: what's all the fuss about?

Nick Garbutt 


Wednesday October 24th

Investigating the unexplained powers of animals

Rupert Sheldrake 


Thursday October 4th 2012

Whose water is it anyway?

Led by Wessex Water (timely, as they will be beginning a pilot Smart Metering project in the Dorchester area!)


Thursday May 3rd 2012

The origin of our species

Chris Stringer

Natural History Museum, London


Friday March 9th 2012

Does appearance matter?

Diana Harcourt

Centre for Appearance Research, Department of Psychology, University of the West of England, Bristol


Thursday January 26th 2012

Food, fuels and wildlife security

Guy Poppy, Head of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton


Friday November 18th 2011

The challenges of offshore wind-farming

Eneco, the company developing the Navitus Bay wind farm off the Dorset Coast.

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