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Third Wednesday of the month, 18:30

Unfortunately, Cafe Sci MK has closed down (March 2016). If you would be interested in becoming part of a small team to re-start the cafe, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will put you all in touch with each other.

Cafe Sci MK
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Recent speakers   

21st January 2015

Latest technology in water treatment


18th February 2015

Science of wine making


18th March 2015

Rivers and catchment management


19th November - Inventing Computers (title TBC)

Join us to hear Amel Bennaceur host our discussion this month about inventing computers to improve our everyday lives and the ever changing computer security environment.


15th October 2014 -Modern Airships

Join us to hear David Stewart, Head of Flight Sciences at Hybrid Air Vehicles, tell us about modern airships - which are the current occupants of the mammoth Cardington hangars near Bedford.

Summer 2014 hiatus...

21st May 2014 - 'Curiosity - one year on Mars'

 With Susanne Schwenzer from The Open University. What has the Curiosity rover been doing since it landed in 2012 and what have we discovered as a consequence? What next for the robotic mission?

16th April 2014

Satellite imagery has become a powerful tool for understanding the planet (and the people on it). Daniel Simms from Cranfield University discusses a range of applications, from understanding cropping patterns to searching for the missing flight MH370, and examines how we can tell so much from these pictures.


March - cancelled due to venue renovations



19th February 2014

This month we will be joined by Dr Jenny Mant from the River Restoration Centre. A topical discussion this month after the devastating floods that the UK have been experiencing. Jenny will be talking about how helping rivers might help prevent more disastrous flooding.