Cafe Scientifique at TEDx UoN

Ann Grand, cafe sci webmistress ...

In the spring, many organisers were kind enough to send me photographs of their cafes in action for me to use in a talk I gave at TEDx UoN. 


There are some quite strict rules to TEDx events; it felt distinctly odd to be using a very formal, top-down, speaker-led, absolutely-no-audience-questions, talking-to-not-with, miked-up and videoed model to tell people about cafe scientifique which, as we know, is the antithesis of all that. Cafes are audience-led, intimate, informal, casual; they’re held in pubs, cafes, bars; they’re conversations, not lectures; and they eschew presentation software and microphones. Ah, the irony!


The recording of the talk is now available on YouTube.