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ugandalogoCafé Sci is an informal learning program that complements science teaching and learning in Ugandan secondary schools. The program is funded by the International Engagement program of the Wellcome Trust. 

At Café Sci, students meet working scientists from academic institutions, research centres, medical facilities, etc. to engage with each other on contemporary issues in science and technology, outside the science curriculum. 

Our goal is to help students explore new ideas in science and technology that they are interested in, beyond the limits of their school curriculum, syllabus, exams or classroom; to develop the independent, questioning and critical thinking required to study science; to open a window on scientists' work and public views of science; and to develop their leadership skills.

Café Sci is running in 35 schools in Kampala, Mukono, Luwero and Mukono. Cafe Sci is open to all schools, rural, urban and semi-urban, government-run or privately-owned, and regardless of students' sex or religion.

Science cafes happen once or twice a term in each school and last for an hour either after normal school, in the lunch hour, or at weekends, depending on the schools' preference.

Café Sci is popular in schools and feature in science days, science fairs and National Science Week. Café Sci activities have received a lot of attention from the media, both local and international, including the BBC, local dailies and online websites.

 This project formally ended in October 2014, although school cafes in Kampala and Mbale are continuing independently. A new project, Cafe Sci East Africa, started in November 2014 and will run until 2017.

Contact Information:

P.O BOX, 8025 Kampala, Uganda

Project Co-ordinator: Kituyi Betty Mukhalu


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