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Cafe Scientifique at Sir William Borlase's Grammar School welcomes GCSE & A-Level historians, chemists, physicists and anyone who would like to enjoy intellectual stimulation of the highest calibre. A perfect opportunity to expand your mind and present yourself as a student who goes beyond the curriculum.


If possible, please register your interest on the SWBGS YourBoxOffice. But if you can't, please just come on the night - entry is free! 

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Monday 25th February 2019

How do we know water is H2O?

Hasok Chang


How do we know water is H2O? The answer may surprise you!


Hasok Chang is Hans Rausing Professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge. 


London (Czech Centre London)

Czech Centre London
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Tue, February 26, 2019 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT
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Science Café: The Wonders of Life


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Why do only 30% of human embryos develop to full term?

What influences our ability to have children? Or

What are the pivotal principles driving the process of the creation of a new life?


The Czech embryologist Zuzana Holubcová discusses the fascinating processes occurring inside the human egg cell before and during fertilization, where human life begins. During her postdoctoral research in Cambridge, Dr. Holubcová studied causes of female infertility and described errors originating in the process by which the egg prepares for fertilization. She was the first scientist in the world to film the intracellular processes taking place inside the human egg during its maturation. This pioneering research brought her attention worldwide, including that of the British Queen.


Zuzana Holubcová graduated in 2006 from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno and she gained her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University in Brno in 2010. She conducted postdoctoral research in the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge where she observed the process of human egg cell division. Since 2015 she has been working at the Department of Histology and Embryology at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University in Brno. Her research interests cover multiple aspects of human reproduction, specifically focusing on human egg biology. She has contributed to a better understanding of the causes of female infertility. The results of her unique research were published by the prestigious scientific journals Science and Nature Cell Biology. She gained a Neuron Impulse grant in 2016 and the L´Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award in 2017.


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Bardon Mill

Bardon Mill Village Hall
Bardon Mill
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Welcome to Cafe Scientifique at Bardon Mill Village Hall


Tickets cost £5 per cafe or you can buy a £25 season ticket (only available at the start of the year).  The price includes coffee/tea and cake/biscuits. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased. 


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Cafe Scientifique


Tuesday 5th March

The solar system: an interactive tour

Emma Guerrero


Emma is a space enthusiast and regularly gives talks.



Tuesday 7th May 

Adventures in tea chemistry

Iain Cloughley


Replacing the myth & mystique with science & technology: a look at how modern scientific methods and instrumentation can be used to improve yield, quality and the value has contributes to the of Central Africa and Malawi.  


Dr Iain Cloughley is a pharmaceutical chemist and has worked in R&D for many organisations around the world.



Tuesday 2nd July

Light based cancer treatments - skin, head, neck and beyond

Sam Whitehouse


Over the last decade compounds have been developed that can kill target cells by activating a drug using light. Sam will introduce some fundamentals and explore the opportunities for light-based treatments and their use in the medical field.


With a background in chemistry and molecular biology, Dr Sam Whitehouse works with innovative research-focused companies.



Tuesday 3rd September

Healthy ageing

Spencer Boyle


An interactive session looking at how activities and exercise can help across the life course.


Dr Spencer Boyle is a senior lecturer in sport at Northumberland University, has published many articles and is currently part of the Exercise is Medicine network.



Tuesday 5th November

An ocean of plastics: what is the problem, is there a solution?

Keith Buchanan


Keith has worked on biological expeditions & led wildlife watching groups around the world. He considers the growing evidence that plastics pose a huge threat to ocean wildlife and perhaps to humans.




Recent speakers   




Tuesday 8th January

Energy Goes Local

David Rimmer

How energy and its supply is being decentralised, decarbonised and democratised, and how local groups are developing their own energy schemes as well as tackling energy efficiency and fuel poverty.  

Dr David Rimmer is a board member of Brampton & Beyond Energy Ltd.


Wine Science Cafés will happen alternately in Porto and in other places of Portugal. Will begin in January of 2019 in Porto
Last Thursday of the month

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Science & Wine

Paula SIlva
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 Thursday 27  June, Caves Poças Vila Nova de Gaia.


Recent speakers   

"Labels: can you judge a wine by its cover?" 

With Helena Lobo, Maria Ferrand and Pedro Pintão.


Helena Lobo has been a Graphic Designer since 1992, graduated in Communication Design by the Oporto Fine Arts School (1992) and a PhD in Design by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain (2014). She owns the Hldesign Atelier for 26 years.

Creative director in several graphic projects, two of which stand out, the Candidacy of Alto Douro Wine Region to World Heritage List, the Quinta book Ventozelo – A millenary quinta in Douro Wine Region and various visual identities and wine labels of Douro tranquil wines and Port wines.

Specialist in wine image and graphic brand strategy, she works with renowned companies and institutions in the region, as well as with some of the most iconic brands of the sector of the Douro wines.

Winner of the GRAND PRIX PAPIES ' 17 with the NATURA label by Vítor Matos and an AWARD of EXCELLENCE in the 8th WOLDA World Logo Design Contest (2017), awarded on Pentagram, New York.

Maria Ferrand is a communication designer with a PhD by University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the label design of DOC Douro wines, and the ‘designerly’ use of the concept of territorial branding. A design lecturer for more than 20 years, with an MA degree in Multimedia Arts, she has taught in the fields of graphic design, typography and illustration. As an author and a practitioner, she has worked across multimedia design, visual identity, editorial design, and illustration. Attempting to escape from her comfort zone, Maria entered the wine world by a rather convoluted route, completely diverging from both her professional and academic path. Yet given her growing passion for the wines and their image, she might be around for a while.


Pedro Poças Pintão is the Marketing Director of Poças, a Douro and Port Wine company.
“Growing in a family of wine producers, I’ve always felt that my future would be around wine. After finishing my degree in Economics, I have worked for some years in Finance and Consulting, to prove myself that I could do it and to realize that I didn’t like wearing a suit and tie. I joined Poças in 2016, working as sales and marketing manager. The extensive travelling and a good amount of curiosity allowed me to develop a deep interest on wine labelling and packaging. Throughout my career at Poças I have developed and rolled out diverse new products and re-design projects. I’m currently responsible for the Marketing and Communication of the company.