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Australian Museum
6 College Street
NSW 2010

Café Scientifique is an event forum where, while enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine, adults can get together to discuss and debate recent — and sometimes controversial — ideas and issues in science. The Australian Museum serves as moderator to the discussion between invited experts and the general public. Lively discussions guaranteed!

Isabelle Kingsley
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Climate Change: The multifaceted phenomenon

Thursday 16th August, 2012 at 5.30 pm

Australian Museum — Night Parrot, Gate 2 William Street (behind Australian Museum)

The impacts of climate change are deep and wide and handling climate change related matters are complex.  The changes in the natural environment are coupled with significant social, economic and political changes.  Does this combination of conditions threaten to create large-scale humanitarian crises in the future?  Can we find a balanced approach to national and global climate change mitigation to ensure a low carbon future where society is prosperous, the economy is strong and the environment is protected?




Invited experts:


Dr Chris Riedy

Associate Professor, Institute for Sustainable Futures. University of Technology, Sydney

Dr Chris Riedy is an experienced researcher, consultant and author on sustainability policy with particular expertise in energy policy, climate change response and social change initiatives.


Dr Natasha Kuruppu

Senior Research Consultant, Institute for Sustainable Futures. University of Technology, Sydney

Dr Natasha Kuruppu has worked in the field of environmental management since 2000 with particular expertise in climate adaptation in the water sector and its interactions with development.


Joanne Chong

Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures. University of Technology, Sydney

Ms Joanne Chong is an environmental economist and policy analyst with expertise in designing, monitoring and evaluating sustainability and environmental management policies, programmes and projects.


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