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Candle Lounge
St. Anthony St,
Ghajnsielem, Gozo
(5 mins from Ferry Terminal)
8 - 10pm

Cafe Scientifique Gozo has a full programme of topics and speakers planned until March next year, with support from organisations including the University of Malta, Technical College, Chamber of Scientists, Council of Science and Technology, Ministry for Gozo and Ministry for Education.


To keep up to date with developments, join the Cafe Scientifique Gozo Meetup Group (link below).

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Wednesday 12th October 2016

Science: white coat or coat of many colours?


What is science, anyway? Ever wondered why some knowledge is considered ‘scientific’ and others not? Is ‘scientific’ a meaningful term? Is there any limit to what counts as Science these days? Will any ‘Ology do?


Our first meeting will be an exploratory discussion on the contested nature of science itself, which should lead us to a shared understanding of the kind of topics and debates we will be exploring in the future. The guest speaker will be from the Edward de Bono Institute of Thinking, offering a lateral take on the subject to stimulate discussion.


Wednesday 2nd November 2016

(please note change of date for this month only)

Agriculture: can science bridge the divide?

Adrian Bugeja


This session will focus on how research and development in agricultural science and biotechnology might positively (or negatively) affect agriculture on small islands like Gozo and Malta.


Dr Adrian Bugeja is a member of the Institute of Earth Systems, Rural Sciences and Food systems at University of Malta. 



Wednesday 14th December 2016

Only three wise men?

Kristian Zarb Adami


Are developments such as crowdsourcing, citizen science, collective intelligence and the gamification of science, as well as global collaborative projects, changing what it means to be a scientist or researcher today? Will there ever be individuals like Einstein or Newton and those eureka moments again or is there now so much data that individual knowledge is necessarily compartmentalised? Is there a place for the Wise Man today?


Professor Kristian Zarb Adami, Director of the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy, offers food for thought.



Wednesday 11th January 2017

Does dark matter?


At this dark time of year, we explore why do darkness and, especially dark skies, matter? Exploring the effects of light pollution on nature, health and scientific endeavour. Can we reach for the stars if we can no longer see them? Speaker to be announced but save the date.



Wednesday 8th February 2017

Where did the love go? Is science taking the romance out of attraction?


With genetic, evolutionary, neurochemical and hormonal explanations for love, and with the advent of technological alternatives such as pleasure robots and virtual reality, is the concept of romantic love outdated? Speaker to be announced but save the date!





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