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Jim’s Tap,
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Third Thursday of each month, through May, beginning at 6PM
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Thursday October 18th 2012

Bill Adamson

Dr. Bill Adamson, SDSU Economics professor will revisit the current economic situation in the US, looking at figures on employment, housing and other markets as we go into the 2012 Elections.



Recent speakers   

Thursday September 20th, 2012 

The Ig Nobel awards for Improbable Research

A net cast live from Harvard University



Thursday March 15th

The Near-Death Experience and Other Hallucinations

Brady Phelps


Thursday February 23rd

We have always been digital

Brian Rex


Thursday 15th December 2011

The Macroscope Meets the Microscope: Using Satellite Images to Study Infectious Disease Outbreaks 

Michael Wimberly

Associate Professor and Senior Scientist with the Geographic Information Science Center of Excellence Dr. Michael Wimberly will explain how researchers and others can determine a number of important facts about epidemics that help dramatically in containing and ending outbreaks of disease and also planning for future events. This technology has not even been available for a half century yet and already the growth in knowledge is considerable. 


Thursday November 17th 2011

Current economic conditions in the US economy

Bill Adamson 

Is it a good time to buy a business? Should I buy gold? Housing prices are very low, should I buy some rental properties? Should I buy a business that sells a lot of its products overseas? How safe are long-term investments like retirement accounts and pensions? Will our money undergo inflation as it has in the past? Are wages stagnant? How about interest rates?

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