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Gateshead Central Library
Prince Consort Road
Last Thursday of the month, 5-7pm


Welcome to Cafe Scientifique Gateshead. All you need to bring is some money for a drink and an inquisitive mind! 

Ideal for students thinking of doing science A levels and degrees. A great resource for writing a personal statement and discussing science.

Jess Leighton
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Thursday 29th August 2013

I don't see it that way

A Teodorczuk


When treating people who perceive the world differently from us, how can we be sure we're being ethical?



Thursday 26th September 2013

Is science the best way to find out what is true? 

B Dobson


So many ideas scientists once thought they’d proved have now been rejected. At the end of the day, do we really know anything?



Thursday 24th October 2013

Is social science a real science?

M Baillie-Smith and C Stephenson


If science relies on measurement, is social science a real science? Can we really quantify people? 



Thursday 28th November 2013

New and improved?

D Archer


Medicine that was used to treat illness could have the potential to improve the human model. Is science going too far? 



Recent speakers   

Thursday 27th June 2013

What does the future hold for stem cell banks?

N Hole

With so much private funding, is the future of science privately owned?