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Jericho's Kitchen (Liberty Suite)
4 Northgate St.
Launceston PL15 8BD
Third Tuesday of month at 7.00pm March - November except August
Cherry Warne
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Last meeting of 2017 Tuesday 21 November

"The Splice of Life"

Professor Lorna Harries will describe the role of our genes in determining how long we live and how well we age, and describe some of the recent work that is happening in her laboratory that may help us understand how these genes influence lifespan and healthspan.


Recent speakers   

Tuesday 14 November

"Einstein's Revolutionary Ideas in 1905"

Drs Peter Ford and VincentSmith will talk about Einstein’s life and times, and particularly his three great revolutionary ideas of 1905: the explanation of Brownian Motion, of the Photo-Electric effect, and Special Relativity.

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Art in the Service of Science

Debbie Maizels and Philip Wilson