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Antenna Café
Haynes Lane (entrance at the top of Bedwardine Road)
Crystal Palace
London SE19 3AN
First Tuesday of the month, 8pm
Grahame Danby
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4 December 2018: Quizmas Scientifique. Quiz masters: Steven Henn and Dan Calladine.


Join Quiz Masters, Steven and Dan, for a festive quiz with a science flavour. Free to enter, Cash bar and stunning prizes.

Steve studied Chemistry and later, Environmental Science at the University of Nottingham - before, some years later, assisting principal quizmaster Dan Calladine in running pub quizzes at the Landor and the Bread and Roses in Clapham, from 2006-13.

Steve and Dan make one of their occasional forays out of quiz retirement, to deliver a special Christmas science quiz , as December 2018's Crystal Scientifique event!


Recent speakers   

6 November 2018:Revealing the problems of social media with cognitive science. Speaker: Dr Fintan Nagle, University College London.


2 October 2018: Bats in our cities. Speaker: Jo Ferguson, Bat Conservation Trust.


4 September 2018: The psychology of dating. Speaker: Rachel New.


7 August 2018: Modern ways of introducing young minds into STEM. Speaker: Oana Sala.


3 July 2018: Easter Island: a scientific perspective. Speaker: Audrey Brown.


5 June 2018: Antibiotic resistance: apocalypse now?. Speaker: Hannah Bligh, University of Westminster.


1 May 2018: The 100,000 Genomes Project. Speaker: Dr Jane Moorhead, King's College Hospital and NHS England.


3 April 2018: A brief history of time (Book Club)


6 March 2018: Energy storage for electric vehicles. Speaker: Professor Ali Eftekhari, Queen's University Belfast.


6 February 2018: The scale of things. Speaker: Mike Fairbrass.


2 January 2018: All I got for Xmas was a chemistry set. Speaker: Dr Simba Matondo.


5 December 2017: Cassini: mission to Saturn. Speaker: Prof Steve Miller, University College London.


7 November 2017: The Quantum World. Speaker: Grahame Danby.


3 October 2017: Grokking complexity. Speaker: Dil Green.


5 September 2017: Totally eclipsed. Speaker: Dr Grahame Danby, Open University.


1 August 2017: Our inner fish: how our evolutionary history shapes our life as an embryo – and beyond. Speaker: Dr Jo Richardson, University of Sussex


4 July 2017: Patient H69: The Story of My Second Sight. Speaker: Vanessa Potter


6 June 2017: Scientific publishing and the blockchain. Speaker: David Bovill.


2 May 2017: Cosmic dust from exploding stars. Speaker: Felix Priestley, University College London.


4 April 2017: IT security awareness. Speaker: Satya Panigrahi, IT Daemon Ltd.


7 March 2017: Adventures in Nanotechnology: how can we look at atoms and electrons? Speaker: Dr Holly Hedgeland, Open University


7 February 2017: Carbon footprints and climate change. Speaker: Dr Kim Dennis-Bryan, Open University


3 January 2017: From molecule to perception: Using astronomical technology to improve vision research. Speaker: Adam Dubis, University College London


6 December 2016: Medical implications of space flight. Speaker: Steven Cutts


1 November 2016: Photoshopped. Speaker: David Edwards.


4 October 2016: The art of science. Speaker: Shelley Wilson. (


6 September 2016: Bees. Speaker: Dr David Perkins, Roots and Shoots, Kennington, London.


2 August 2016: Is there life on Mars? Speaker: Christian Potiszil, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London.


5 July 2016: Science, government policy and Brexit. Speaker: Dr Stephen McGinness, House of Commons