UK: Pitlochry-Aberfeldy-Dunkeld

Anywhere within the local area - to be notified on an ad hoc basis. Most meetings are held at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel or in Cafe Calluna, Pitlochry, but this can change as necessary.
Tuesday evening on dates advertised.
Cafe Sci Pitlochry-Aberfeldy-Dunkeld
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Tuesday 16th October (Royal Hotel Dunkeld)

Dr Chris Hooley, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews

Quantum computing – how, when and why?”

Tuesday 6th November (Café Calluna, Pitlochry)

Professor Lorna Dawson, Head of Soil Forensic Science, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen

The answer lies in the soil!”

Tuesday 4th December (Royal Hotel Dunkeld)

Professor John Rowan, Geography and Environmental Science, University of Dundee

The science, politics and culture of river management in India: can we quench the thirst?”



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Recent speakers   


Sept 2018 " Can computers be creative?" - led by Dr Alison Pease, University of Dundee.

Apr 2018 - "Managing multiple chronic conditions" – led by Dr Juliana Bowles, St Andrews.

Mar 2018 - "Becoming one of us" - led by Prof Malinda Carpenter, Psychology, St Andrews.

Feb 2018 - "Antibodies" - led by Prof Jenny Woof, School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee.

Jan 2018 - “Can computers be creative?” – led by Dr Alison Pease, Dundee (postponed).

Dec 2017 - "The crystal maze" - led by Prof Philip Lightfoot, St Andrews.

Nov 2017 - "The long-term co-evolution of Earth and Life” - led by Dr Mark Claire, St Andrews.

Oct 2017 - “The light’s for turning” - led by Dr Martin Dominik, University of St Andrews.
Apr 2017 - "Analysis of wildlife populations" - led by Prof David Borchers, St Andrews.

Mar 2017 - "The long-term influence of early-life environment" - led by Dr Mandy Drake, Edinburgh.
Feb 2017 - "Why do we love music?" - led by Dr Ines Jentzsch, University of St Andrews.

Dec 2016 - “Bose-Einstein condensates" - led by Dr Donatella Cassettari, University of St Andrews.

Nov 2016 - “How quantum mechanics feeds Buridan's ass” - led by Dr Chris Hooley, St Andrews.

Oct 2016 - “Human visual perception and 3-d vision.” - led by Prof Julie Harris, St Andrews.

Apr 2016 - “Thyroid function in preterm babies" - led by Dr Fiona Williams, University of Dundee.

Mar 2016 - "Ethnic segregation and inequalities" - led by Dr Nissa Finney, University of St Andrews.

Feb 2016 - "Imaging the early stages of life" - led by Dr Mike MacDonald, University of Dundee.

Jan 2016 - "Origin of gender differences" - led by Dr Gillian Brown, University of St Andrews.

Dec 2015 - "Tails of regeneration" - led by Dr Ildiko Somorjai, University of St Andrews.

Nov 2015 - "Geophysical insight into the past" - led by Dr Richard Bates, University of St Andrews.

Oct 2015 - "Spooky action at a distance" - led by Dr Chris Hooley, SUPA, University of St Andrews.

Sep 2015 - "Step your way smarter." - led by Dr Josephine Booth, University of Edinburgh.

May 2015 - "Does maths count?" - led by Dr Fordyce Davidson, University of Dundee.
Apr 2015 - "What we can learn from GPS tracking" - led by Dr Jed Long, University of St Andrews.

Mar 2015 - "High pressure chemical engineering" - led by Prof C Schaschke, Abertay University.

Feb 2015 - "Why do smokers find It so difficult to quit?" - led by Prof D. Balfour, Univ. of Dundee.

Dec 2014 - "Stem cell research and Parkinson's disease" - led by Dr Tilo Kunath, Edinburgh Uni.

Nov 2014 - "Sudden death" - led by Dr Anna Maria Choy, Dundee University.

Oct 2014 - "Quantum physics" - led by Dr Chris Hooley, St Andrews University.

Sep 2014 - "The earth beneath our feet" - led by Prof Wilfred Otten, Abertay University.

May 2014 - "Economics: how it shapes the world" - led by Dr Philip Roscoe, St Andrews University.

Apr 2014 - "Monitoring the Montserrat volcano" - led by Dr Dav Macfarlane - St Andrews.

Mar 2014 - "Glaciers in the Cairngorms" - led by Dr Martin Kirkbride - Dundee University.

Feb 2014 - "The psychology of morality" - led by Dr Sana Sheikh  - University of St Andrews.

Jan 2014 - "Colon cancer from a biologist’s perspective" - led by Prof Inke Näthke – Dundee.

Nov 2013 - "The merits of bi-lingualism" - led by Prof Antonella Sorace, University of Edinburgh.

Oct 2013 - "Reliable renewable energy" - led by Dr Mark Symes, Glasgow University.

Sep 2013 - "Watching grass grow" - led by Dr Robert Clement, Edinburgh University.

Jun 2013 - "The Sun: friend or foe?" - led by Dr Lyndsay Fletcher, Glasgow University.

Apr 2013 - "Cancer - what's poverty to do with it?" - led by Prof Nora Kearney, Dundee University.

Feb 2013 - "The war on viruses" - led by John Short, University of St Andrews.